Original Cubicle

This is the original Cubicle I did way back in 2004. The idea behind it was "what if a comic strip only lasted two weeks (not counting Sundays) and told a complete story in that time?" That's why the format is the way it is. The reading order is left column down, then right.

This is the same exact comic, only remade. I made this in 2005 as part of a final project for my high school graphic design class.

Key differences between the original Cubicle and the new version:

-Suzy, the receptionist, was a brief mention in the original (moving up to minor character in the new comic).
-Instead of taking several days, the original takes place over one work day.
-Glen didn't have his "artistic" tendencies as much. In fact, other than him hating business school and wanting to be a cartoonist, his art background isn't mentioned at all.
-The character of Maddie and the "Glen wants to murder his parents" subplot were invented for the new comic. They didn't exist in the original.
-Instead of suicide by cop, Glen takes his own life in the end.